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How the HEALY Resonance Works

 The Healy Resonance has special feature,
namely the information field.

We no longer need electricity there because the information transfer works at the level of consciousness. It is independent of our material world in terms of time and space and therefore exists simultaneously and everywhere.Studies have shown that information can be transmitted instantaneously via light quanta.

This means “information” without the slightest loss of time, “transporting” to someone over long, enormous distances. “Beaming“, so to speak.


Those who have a Healy Resonance therefore use quantum physics processes to wirelessly “send” Healy information to the person for whom it is intended. … “

Lisa Golda – Germany



What makes Healy a great health companion?


Healy has two components: A hardware device that has a built-in Quantum Sensor, and a phone app that connects to a medical cloud that stores all the frequencies and data.

Healy has two functions: A micro-current function that uses electromagnetic impulse to stimulate cellular activities and a

Resonance function that uses frequencies to communicate with your bio-energetic field to restore its dysfunction.

Technical on frequencies – 4 min – HEALY WORLD – FREQUENCY TWO JUNE 2020

How does Healy treat disease?

Your body is made of trillions of cells, the cell is made of molecules, the molecule is made of atoms, the atom is made of subatomic particles of protons, neutrons, and electrons which are just waves of energy.

So fundamentally, you are made of energy waves. When energy waves are of coherent frequency, your cells function perfectly. But when energy waves are of discordant frequency, your cells get sick, hence, disease.

Healy works on restoring the frequency back into the coherent state so the cells can function healthily again. When cells come back to a healthy functional state, your body knows how to heal itself intuitively

Its All Energy.. 

Healy Resonance Analyse APP explained by TIMEWAVER ACADEMY – 2019/09/19

Want to understand the inner workings of Healy and how to optimize its use, results and benefits?
Mike Curley Hong Curley  have created some awesome insightful videos that are incredibly helpful!
    • Re-harmonise your body from the damage of every-day toxins, radiation, pollutants and electro-smog.
    • Why this may be the best way of unlocking your full potential to a more exciting, satisfying life.
    • What is bringing heart-centred leaders from all over the world together to redefine what it really means to be human?
    • The “trojan horse” that’s merging science with spirituality and revolutionising how we look at energy.
    • How this 19th-century inventor, engineer, and futurist predicted what we’re now just starting to tap into.
    • Why tuning your energy should be the same as how you eat fruit and vegetables

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