Live Cell Analysis Before and After 1HOUR Session with the Healy Device

This video’s “BEFORE” is showing the patient’s red blood cells.

Her blood cells are stacked together in a formation called rouleaux, where there is very poor circulation, very poor oxygen, and low co2 exchange.

The red blood cell should be visible and separate as shown after the 1hr programmed treatment with the Healy Bio-Resonance device.

There are multiple causes of rouleaux including dehydration, poor digestion of protein excess, carbohydrates in the blood, sugars too high in the blood, and overall a low negative charge in the blood where the potential in the cells has been diminished. We have a lot of inflammation in the background so you can see the sort of spiderweb formation in the background. That’s inflammation that can be caused by injury, to the tissues. It can be caused by stress, it can be caused by the liver not working properly or properly filtering the blood.

“AFTER” – The Patient did a one-hour treatment with a frequency device called Healy. Healy works by sending microcurrent and specific frequencies into the person’s body. The Healy used a program called “immune system” on the patient and immediately after that treatment this is what we saw. It was about 50% of the blood improved. Instead of being stacked up the red blood cells are separate; they actually can exchange co2 for oxygen now and can actually, get the job done.

The white blood cells you can see are about two times the size of the red blood cells after treatment. Inflammation has gone to the background it doesn’t have all that spiderweb type vibrant in the background. In terms of the viscosity, the blood cells are actually moving they’re not all clumped…

 So essentially what happened is that we increased a lot of negative charge into the blood and that negative charge helps the cells separate from each other so they have more of a surface area to get oxygen. They have a lot more flow and movement of nutrients and energy through her body.

That’s what her blood sample looked like literally one hour after she did the hour-long “immune system” program with the Healy Bio-Resonance device! Best of all you don’t need a doctor to run this program as well as many other Healy programs. You simply pair the Healy with your device, hook up the micro-current leads/sensors, and run the program. That’s it! The user can just sit back and relax or go about his or her day as it’s a mobile wearable device. The first-ever of its kind. Truly amazing technology!

Biofeedback technology has been around for some time with ample amounts of data science and case studies proving its healing effects. However, in the past BioFeedback has been not easily accessible as most insurances don’t cover it, require a prescription, and costly as biofeedback therapy is very expensive. 

With the Healy you don’t need a prescription, it’s a fraction of the cost of other bio-feedback devices, it is mobile, and it’s more advanced than any other on the market!

The Healy Device is engineered and manufactured in Germany. Healy just released in the United States. The company sold out completely during launch. Devices are currently on backorder. The pre-launch phase started May, 01 and they reported $3 million in sales, around 20,000 units sold in the first week. They are working hard to produce more devices as the demand is currently very high. Reserve a unit today and items will be shipped within a month. 

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