Frequency Resonance

Remote Sessions

“If you think of a radio, you tune the circuitry to make it resonate with the frequency you want to receive. In the biological system, it’s our nervous system that acts as a receiver to connect to information beyond our senses.”
—Dr. Joe Dispenza

For your Health and Wellbeing

ZOOM / IN PERSON / TEL – Remote sessions

Stress, overwhelm, anxiety, burnout, depression, sleeping disorders and modern-day diseases: so many people are struggling to find balance in life.

In a 65-90 minute session,

We use the Healy Resonance to make an extensive analysis of your physical health and a reading of your chakra system.

Healy will run a combination of one or more programs that resonates to what your body or mind connect with.

Session takes place in SEDONA, AZ

Remotely Via Zoom/Phone/Tel !

You decide! Clearings on Business, Real Estate, Pets, Organisations, Properties.. etc.. Clearing the energetic field of blocks. 

• Are you looking for any of the following in your health today?

• Actively stay healthy and be fit? 

Better cope with everyday challenges, sleep problems and stress?

Restore the balance between your body, mind, and soul?

Embrace a more holistic approach to your wellbeing and health?

Experience more joy and vitality, while improving your self-esteem?

Reclaim your natural state of peace and serenity?

Find a medically approved solution to battle depression, anxiety, migraine, chronic pain or fibromyalgia?

Release old emotional patterns & bust through emotional blocks?

Raise your frequency and tap into your inner power & higher consciousness?

Reset with HEALY

$48 – Chakra / Healy resonance Scan
Health/chakra analysis & healing with Healy

45 min.

This is an intro session for first-time visitors only.


Sessions include a PDF copy of the SCANS.​

 Healy Frequency – Follow-up Session

$85  – Chakra / Healy resonance Scan
Health/chakra analysis and healing with Healy
1 hr 30 min.

Sessions include a PDF report

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“We are slowed down Sound & Light Waves,
a walking Bundle of Frequencies
tuned into the Cosmos.

We are Souls dressed up in sacred biochemical Garments
& our Bodies are the Instruments through which our Souls play their Music.”

. . . Albert Einstein

Now in Sedona, we are offering remote sessions with the HEALY device, in person as well as remotely. .

My name is Sandra Levarek located in Sedona. After working as therapist in Bach Flower.  Remedies for over 20 years and as a Biophoton Light Biontologist  with the CHIREN® for over 9 years I have been fortunate to be introduced to this amazing modality of bringing the body into alignment energetically as well as emotionally.  We are witnessing incredible results, more than what I have seen with any other energy frequency based device..The Healy Resonance has another special feature, namely the “information field“.

We no longer need electricity there because the information transfer works at the level of consciousness.  It is independent of our material world in terms of time and space and therefore exists simultaneously and everywhere. Clearings on Properties, Pets, Residents, Businesses, Organisations.. studies have shown that information can be transmitted instantaneously via light quanta.

This means “information” without the slightest loss of time, “transporting” to someone over long, enormous distances. “Beaming“, so to speak…  Those who have a Healy Resonance therefore use quantum physics processes to wirelesslysend” Healy information to the person for whom it is intended.

•  Are you searching for alternative ways to improve some pain or discomfort?

•  Would you like to restore the balance between your body, mind and soul?

•  Would you like to feel more joy and vitality, and improve your sense of wellbeing.

• Clearings on Properties, Pets, Residence, Business, Organisations, Groups.. 

“Future Medicine will be the Medicine of Frequencies”

. . . Albert Einstein


 To help you achieve these goals TimeWaver technology created the HEALY.

 Healy with is a medical device for the treatment of pain in chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain and migraine, as well as for the supportive treatment of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and related sleep disorders, that can be worn on the body.  It is intended to stimulate certain areas in your body with the help of individually determined frequencies.  This small but extremely versatile device delivers frequency programs for all important areas of life: it promotes vitality, well-being and balance!  Healy provides applications that help keep you in shape and reduce pain. It should support you in stressful situations throughout the day, help you to recover more easily and find better rest at night.  The applications of the Healy are designed to work in the Bioenergetic Field of the body and are based on many years of experience by Nuno Nina and our network of practitioners. 


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